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 This site is about getting inspiration from walking and using your senses to express yourself.
All  paintings, music, photos, videos, publishing, and megaliths 
have been a direct result of walking in the open air.
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Taking a walk is one of the best ways for me to get creativity from the environment I'm in.
For me it involves trying to consciously clear my mind of any thoughts other than the immediate sensations of my surroundings.
There is something about the rhythm of walking that allows me to forget everything but the moment or present time I exist in. This is not the same as walking around in a daze, it is more an attempt to move only in the sensational present.
That is to be as aware as possible of sight, sound, touch, smell, temperature and taste.
The pace of the walk is controlled by these sensations and the exercise helps to concentrate the mind.
When the walk is over the time for creativity begins using the reflections of any notes, sensations, pictures or sounds that have remained from the walk. This allows creative associations to begin and hopefully develop.
A walk with this intention can be 10 minutes to 3 days it makes little difference to the final output. Take what you need from walking because the walk will eventually be the painting.

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