Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gold Landscape Painting Normandy France from Teurtheville Bocage Late November

The painting is of a view from Teurthéville Bocage (pronounced Turt her ville)! in Normandy France. The media is oil, acrylic, gold powder on canvas, size 24 x 18 cm. The sides of the box canvas are black making it suitable for hanging directly or framing.

Teurthéville Bocage a gold painting from paintwalk
oil, acrylic, gold powder on canvas, size 24 x 18 cm
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I went for a walk last November, turned a corner and this amazing landscape presented itself. Without thinking I took a couple of photos and just tried to take in the scene.What I remember from the time was the variety of greens yellows and reds. The morning November light here, causes these deep silhouettes and very reflective bright areas. The sun keeps low to the south west so the shadows are also longer.

late november pic france

The photo was taken on a phone and without any conscious composition so it was a surprise when I looked at the photograph and discovered the one above. It seemed to have a classic quality that reminded me of Dutch or late Renaissance landscapes. No photo editing was used and although it has that “pixelated camera look”, it just seemed right.

When I started to look more closely, I noticed that the perspective from the gates and the building gave the depth and the framing of the trees. In old landscape painting, the position of objects in the paintings was used as a device for both symbolic and harmonic enhancements. In this case, I wanted the light to create the perspective using just light and shadow, and remembering earlier landscape paintings, I decided to paint the light in gold.

Detail of painting showing reflective quality
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Because I wanted to concentrate on light and shadow it needed to be in only two or three tones. Gold also has the effect of changing its colour as the viewer moves round the painting. In a small way this reflects the effect of walking through a real landscape where the light changes by the second.

The dark tones of the trees and ground shadows could be used for one or two tones and the remainder a cut out for all that light. The more I look at this photo the more interested I’m becoming about using this method as a way of looking at landscape.

This painting is for sale. I would like about £90 for it but please make me an offer I’m always interested in what people think a painting is worth to them.

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