Sunday, February 23, 2014

landscape photography using adonit jot pro pen to retouch

Sometimes I like to use the adonit jot pen for re touching photographs.  I take the photos on an old iPhone and send them to an iPad mini. Next i import them into sketchbook pro and use the adonit pen to retouch them. Using a pen to work photos is a lot more like sketching and means I can add and remove elements and textures intuitivly.
I have used "photoshop" since version zero and although photoshop allows for some precise control over a final image, using a pen on a pad just feels more like drawing.
Drawings have to be a mix of what you draw and what you see and the result is always a combination of the two. Using the old adage "sometimes a mistake is a hidden intention."  can make the difference between the ordinary and the unusual.  This photo was taken after the storms in February 2014 and shows the aftermath of those events events on two palm trees.

Paint walk