Friday, April 11, 2014

Church at Montaigu la Brisette painting 2

Landscape Painting by Paint Walk - "The Old Church at Montaigu la Brisette"(2 versions)

landscape painting of a french church

Price £55 (You are purchasing the painting above)


This is part 2 of a series of ideas of the Church at Montaigu la Brisette in Normandy. An image reconstructed from a smart phone picture with a high digital zoom.

I liked the solidity of the first painting and decided to try and find the same spot i took the original photo and shoot it again on a better camera. I didn't want  it too perfect as an amount of ambiguity on the horizon was helpful in the process. I decided to restrict the palette more this time and restrict the detail as much as possible.

I primed the canvas with a yellow ochre and used this as the colour of the light source. next adding general areas of colour that related to the tones of the painting. Painting this way is like being able to add and subtract saturation and brightness on a lighting rig to pull out shadows and colours and this represents the way i see colour and light washing over a landscape.
 Painting - Montaigu la Brisette by Paint Walk 10 x 10 acrylic on stretched canvas

Price £55 (You are purchasing the painting above)


Painting this way is like making a jigsaw and as you add and reduce colour the form can change really quickly.  By the third version of the painting  I was starting to understand the form better and changed the palette again using a turquoise as a primer. I was able to put in the trees better this time and found the horizontal and vertical planes gave the image more structure. By now the image was starting to take on a more impressionist style and it was time to try a bigger version which I will cover next in the final part of this project.

Montaigu la Brisette 1  Montaigu la Brisette 2  Montaigu la Brisette 3

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