Monday, April 14, 2014

Montaigu la Brisette painting part 3 by paint walk

Landscape Painting by Paint Walk - "The Old Church at Montaigu la Brisette" 

Montaigu la Brisette painting
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This is the final part of a series of ideas for a landscape featuring a Church view at Montaigu la Brisette in Normandy. An image reconstructed from a smart phone picture with a digital zoom. The original form being a way to construct a painting that would represent impressionism using traditional and digital media.

 Montaigu la Brisette 1  Montaigu la Brisette 2  Montaigu la Brisette (this page)

For the last version of this series I wanted to paint a final piece from the experiments carried out in the previous articles. I had three ideas I wanted to try out.
1. use acrylic paints instead of oils mainly for their flatness and drying speed. 
2. to remove a lot of linear perspective to give a flatness to the picture but still keep a sense of distance. 
3. use just 4 colours to achieve this. 

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Buy direct from the Artist for £95

The colours used were each, a single blue, purple, yellow and red. I used a pink primed canvas for the support which is a 20 x 20cm stretched box canvas.

Blue, red, yellow and purple detail

My background is photorealism I use digital sketches to work up ideas so I was really surprised with the finished result of this acrylic painting.

This final painting from a series of 5 has an impressionist style, and although I'm aware of some of the techniques used in impressionism, I have never tried to paint this way before.

One of the great things I love about painting is that no matter how many times you do it you never really know what the final painting will end up looking like. You can approach each painting as though you had never made one before whereas with digital painting the results are generally more predictable.

Buy direct from the Artist for £95
This Painting is for sale direct from the artist £95 framed. it is painted in acrylics on a 20 x 20cm  stretched canvas, ready to hang.  The frame is hand painted using Alazarin crimson for the base coat and built up with layers of renaissance gold paints to achieve the flat gold shine.
Please email me if you would like any more information.

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