Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Planet Earth and Little Planet Water

Stereograpic projection 360 degrees Church Yard Montaigu la Brisette

little planet montaigu la brisette normandy

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Back in France and I've made a few more Stereographic Projection images of Normandy. The image above features the Church at Montaigu la Brisette I've been painting and the Port of St Vaast La Hougue. Titling them Earth and Water was a device to try out different elements for the horizon. The flatness of the seas horizon makes for a well defined circle whereas the trees in the church globe provided more of a problem. 

 Stereographic projection 360 degrees The Port of St Vaast La Hougue

little planet st vaast la hougue

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Buy Direct from The Studio from £12.99 (Framed)

The centre of each picture shows where the camera was originally placed. This means that the photographer is always smack in the centre of his or her own little world. Real or meaningless the choice is yours, but it is becoming easier for me to predict from the landscape what the finished image should look like before any digital manipulation takes place.

‘little planets’, are images that are created out of 360 degree panoramic photos, and then mapping this flat plane onto a spherical one. You can imagine it as a way of picturing a sphere as a plane. It has practical uses in, Geology,  and Cartography. The process is known as Stereographic Projection.

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