Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Awakening the Ancestors

If machines are capable of making art, then the copyright owner of art is nature. The diversity of whatever nature is, and the process of looking at nature is what makes you the artist of this world.  
Digital sketch showing sculpted faces in the standing stones at monteneuf
  Pierres Droites near Monteneuf Brittany.

A visual language has at its roots in a sense of geometry, a sense of colour, a sense of texture and a sense of space. These tools can be improved by just looking at the world around you and your surroundings.
For me nature works best where there is an idea of mystery rather than reality, so the sculptures of stone circles, hillforts, old walks and lakes provide me with the space to be able to see nature better.

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Awakening the Ancestors.

The paths the visual world takes to register simple objects in your mind is complicated and often surprising. It's the space of time it takes between noticing and accepting the world you experience and it is just between forever and the blink of an eye.

The images and video here are my versions of those connections.
If you felt a bit sleepy or relaxed while looking at these then you have experienced this world already. You can call it spiritual awareness, being aware, a psychosis, or even being really out of it, but the process does exist within you and its yours to use.

Digital sketch showing sculpted faces in the standing stones at monteneuf
Gallery  RoundScapes  Twitter   Web
Pierres Droites near Monteneuf Brittany.

Happy to sell you copies of my work, if its not on my etsy page email me or dm from my twitter or google+ page. Photographing panoramic landscapes allows me to manipulate images into stereographic projections sometimes known as Round Scapes. The view you end up with is a 360 degree landscape manipulated into a globe. 
Stereograpic projection 360 degrees St Just Alignments (Cojoux Moor) Brittany

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Stereograpic projection 360 degrees St Just Alignments (Cojoux Moor) Brittany

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The size of the Round Scape print and frame together is 18 x 22cm with fittings allowing for wall mounting or free standing on a shelf or desk. Price £12.99
Larger framed versions are also available for £17.99 
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Normandy Megalith - Allée couverte de Bretteville

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Markers - The Saint Just Alignments

Knowlton Church Landscape Painting Dorset

Hill forts around the Blackmore Vale Dorset

Roundscape of des Pierres Droites Standing Stone Alignments Brittany

Awakening the Ancestors digital sketches and video of Standing stone alignments in Brittany

Menhir de Champ Dolent Round Scape

The eye of the lake l'étang de Quéhon

Paintings and Sketches

The way the path is stopped by stones from paintwalk

9 Barrow Down - Watercolour Sketch from paintwalk

Hillfort sunset watercolour sketch from paintwalk

Monteneuf Standing Stones Water Colour Landscape Brittany

The Avenue Alignments a Decalcomania Painting by Paintwalk

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