Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Videcosville Church France by Paintwalk

"Église Saint-Martin" Acrylic Painting for sale £55 by Paintwalk.
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Acrylics on a 10 x 10 stretched canvas, ready to hang. 

 ‘Light Switch Landscapes' are small landscapes about the size of a standard light switch. I came up with the name because of my habit of nailing paintings to the nearest wall while I'm painting them. (Please note:  I am aware of the electricity cabling in my home).  When you're painting, the surrounding light affects the colours  your eye reads.  This can be useful to  gauge the colour density by using the natural or artificial light available.

Line drawing preparation for sketch
Acrylic Landscape for sale of a Normandy Church - Paintwalk
This is the Church "Église Saint-Martin" At Videcosville in Normandy. It's the sort of church that appears in many landscapes of Paul Cezanne.  The churches often mark the high points of the local landscape and have different melodies that play from their spires. They can be heard all around on still mornings and can even be identified by their individual song.

"I like turning on a light and seeing a small landscape lit up".
Acrylic Landscape for sale of a Normandy Church - Paintwalk

Buy This Painting for £55

I often stop and look at churches and monuments from a distance when I walk because of the way they break up a landscape. They are like a stamp of a human boot marking out an area where people have wanted to make a community. They are a symbol of endurance, and although many are starting to fall into disrepair they now emit a different kind of presence, one of harmony with the surroundings.

"Photo Montage of Videcosville Church".
Acrylic Landscape for sale of a Normandy Church - Paintwalk
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Its worth going to the same places often on walks and as you can get to know the landscape better, if  it becomes a sort of internal head map. This doesn't lead to over familiarity as the scenes change constantly with the seasons light and climate. This encourages an idea of the landscape as a calendar and hopefully takes us to become more aware about nature.

Buy This Painting for £55

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