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A Walking Guide to the Saint Just Alignments

In Brittany in the department of Ille et Vilane lies the town of Saint Just. The town has a couple of friendly cafes that double as the local shop and open on alternate days. In the centre is the church with a tall and hollow spire. It looks much like hundreds of other pretty little towns throughout France.

The Alignments of Saint Just (A Walking Guide) £4.99

Saint Just Alignments A Brittany Walking Guide

£4.99 direct from Paintwalk 

However, there is a difference. Saint Just lies at the centre of a series of connected Stone circles, alignments, passage graves, cromlechs and dolmens all in the same area. It’s classic megalithic territory instantly recognizable to anyone who has visited these old places before.

Church of Saint Just
Saint Just Alignments A Brittany Walking Guide
In fact, the Saint Just alignments are some of the most important megaliths in Europe including the sculptural Chateau Bu Barrow which is the only one of its type in the world. There is surprisingly very little written material about these sites that are all in an area of under 10kms from each other and were built and adjusted for over 2000 years of near continuous occupation.

Church of Saint Just

Saint Just Alignments A Brittany Walking Guide

So I decided to write a guide to walking and finding these sites in this incredible ancient landscape. This guide is as far as I know the only one available in a single book. It is being made to order per copy and is not being mass produced. You are being offered a book that is entirely handmade in house and includes 35 maps, photographs and illustrations all made and produced by myself (Paintwalk).

Map of Cojoux Moor
Saint Just Alignments A Brittany Walking Guide

The book is in black and white and can be used both as reference and as a guide to walking megalithic sites. The Saint Just Area has one of the most incredible megalithic collections in the world and there is still more there waiting to be discovered. If you have an interest in megaliths, art, walking and the great outdoors, I urge you to visit the Saint Just Alignments in Brittany.

And of course I encourage you to buy a copy of the book!

Saint Just Alignments A Brittany Walking Guide

£4.99 direct from Paintwalk 

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A Walking Guide to the Saint Just Alignments

Markers - The Saint Just Alignments

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Paintings and Sketches
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9 Barrow Down - Watercolour Sketch from paintwalk

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The Avenue Alignments a Decalcomania Painting by Paintwalk

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