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Markers - Saint Just Alignments.

The megalithic Sites around Saint Just and Cojoux are fairly unique because of their close proximity to each other and the length of time they were in use. At least nine separate sites in only 10 kilometers with construction and habitation for over 2500 years. If you count the town of Saint Just then this area has been inhabited for 6,500 years.

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When I last visited I took a compass with me to check some of the alignments to find out if they fitted to any directional organizing and can confirm that the builders were aware of the cardinal directions as they all line up within 3 – 4 degrees to cardinal compass points. Now it is quite possible they are aligned up to something we can no longer detect or is no longer in use, but the strong directional influence of them is convincing evidence that the directions of lines on the earth were being mapped.

You don’t need to have a connection to the magnetic flow of the earth to trace the compass points because you can plot them tonight by making a straight line with your arm downwards from the North Star and putting a marker where your arm movement bisects the ground. By placing another marker just where you stand you have a true North South Alignment.

This idea shows a high level of geometry. By tracing a line from the heavens to the earth and reproducing it on your own environment is an attempt map the heavens onto the earth and to understand the universe this way, all of us still have today.

There is surprisingly very little written material about these megalithic sculptures that are all in this small area of under 10kms even though they were built and adjusted over 2000 years of near continuous occupation.

So I decided to write a guide to walking and finding these sites in this incredible ancient landscape. This guide is as far as I know the only one available in a single book. It is being made to order per copy and is not being mass produced. You are being offered a book that is entirely handmade in house and includes 35 maps, photographs and illustrations all made and produced by myself (Paintwalk).

This simple book can be used both as reference and as a guide to walking megalithic sites. The Saint Just Area has one of the most incredible megalithic collections in the world and there is still more there waiting to be discovered. If you have an interest in megaliths, art, walking and the great outdoors, I urge you to visit the Saint Just Alignments in Brittany.

And of course I encourage you to buy a copy of the book!

The Alignments of Saint Just (A Walking Guide). £4.99

Saint Just Alignments A Brittany Walking Guide

£4.99 direct from Paintwalk 

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