Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Solstice Painting

Solstice - Two Children look up at a floating or falling bird mask in an open sky.

2 children gaze up to a bird mask by paintwalk
Hand Made Painting for sale on supported canvas 30 x 24cm ready to hang £85. + p&p  

This picture relates to the previous gas mask paintings completed on this blog and shown on the previous pages. The floating mask is from a reproduction made from the original drawings taken from the Plague Doctors uniform. In the previous paintings the world was experienced very much from people living every day with the gas masks on all the time in their daily lives. In this painting there is colour where before everything had been mostly in black and white. The removal of the mask allows the subjects in the painting to experience the world in a more vital way with help their sensations be less hampered. The meaning behind this is simple  
Take the masks off everybody!

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