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Normandy Megalith Menhir des Planches

Normandy Megalith The Menhir of Planches
The Menhir des Planches is located in Amblie on the right bank of the Seulles , in France , in the department of Calvados.
This Menhir might be hard to find because it is set on the far edge of a wheat field and for all its sculpture is not very tall. (Google maps link)
The Menhir is located on a cadastral boundary road at a place known as the Vaubaine, east of the Orival quarry and south of the Château des Planches. It has a column form 1.35 m high, roughly 6 sides in unequal widths (45 cm × 34 cm × 40 cm × 10 cm × 50 cm × 2 cm). A 5cm deep cup is visible at the top as well as parallel channels. Other smaller cups can be seen on the top and sides. Similar cup markings can be seen on the Devils stone at Bere Regis in Dorset.
In 1913, Dr. Raoul Doranlo, a member of the French prehistoric society , made a census of the antique stones in the northern region of Caen . He pointed out several remarkable stones near Amblie. He pointed out that the Menhirs are often small in size and that many have been broken, knocked down or removed from cultivated fields. Some have been displaced by farmers for ploughing. This stone could have been used to mark a boundary of ownership.
Seven other megaliths are visible within a radius of less than 8 km : the Menhir des Demoiselles in Colombiers-sur-Seulles , the Pierre Levée du Clos St Gilles in Creully , the Pierre Debout in Reviers , the Demoiselle de Bracqueville in Bény- Mer, Big Currencies in Thaon and Pierre Tourneresse in Cairon.

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Normandy Megalith Menhir des Planches

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