Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hod hill and what I do to paintwalk

Hod Hill a Paintwalk with some digital sketches

This is what I do . . . I like visiting megaliths, hill forts and old sites in general as long as the walk (or in my case saunter), will in some way clear my head and allow me some space to create something from my visit. The process is not exclusively about the sites themselves but is consistently about being in nature.
©Paintwalk @ Jan 2019
Hod hill is a favourite of mine and whenever I’m in Dorset I always enjoy climbing and walking it. Hod hills main claim to fame is that it is an iron age hill fort overrun and documented by the Romans. But due to its position offers some spectacular views of the Dorset and Somerset countryside.
©Paintwalk @ Jan 2019
It's  a steep incline so if you can manage the climb without stopping it will literally take your breath away.The views from the top are pretty spectacular in places and its worth doing the entire circuit of the ramparts.
©Paintwalk @ Jan 2019
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Taken at your own pace it can provide a calm connection with nature that can sometimes provide a profound experience. ©Paintwalk @ Jan 2019
The enjoyment I get from these is available to everyone just by getting outside and surrendering yourself to your favourite landscapes. The websites and videos I make are just an expression of this.
©Paintwalk @ Jan 2019
I make music, photographs, prints, sketches, videos in fact anything that will in some way express the time walking. I don't really do paid advertising or use Patreon to support this site so the only way I can fund this is out of my own expenses. If you want to help with this please buy something from the site or maybe buy some prints from this video.

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Going to normandy this year?
If you're interested in stone circles, standing stones and megaliths in general check out this index. Directions and locations available on each page.
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Hod hill and what I do to paintwalk

Normandy Megalith Menhir des Planches

Normandy Megalith the standing stone of Colombiers sur Seulles

Normandy Megalith Standing Stone at St Pierre Église
Normandy Megalith The Young Lady of Bracqueville 
Normandy Megalith The Allee Couverte de Vauville

Normandy Megalith Galerie Couverte de la Petite Roche

Normandy Megalith - Pierre au Rey

Normandy Megalith Pierre Butée

Normandy Megalith Standing Stone at St Pierre Église

The Fairy Tree and the Devil of Rabey Wood

Normandy Megalith The High Man of Hacouville

Normandy Megalith - Allée couverte de Bretteville

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