Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Acrylic pour paintings for sale from £12

This is the current group of paintwalk acrylic pour paintings available. they are original (1 only) acrylic paintings 10cm x 10cm on properly primed canvas using acrylic paints and varnished with artists high gloss varnish ready to hang.

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   © 2019 Paintwalk © 2019 Paintwalk
I became interested in making these paintings when i noticed the similarities between some abstract art and some of the Google Earth images playing on my screensaver. So using some simple chemistry I began to mix various mediums and paints together to experiment with their fluidity and drying times. The final results are these paintings that are hopefully representative of this idea.

I have also made a video of this process on my paintwalk youtube channel

Video of the painting process

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