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Use your TV as an art gallery earth (evolving images)

Why not make use of that black screened TV by putting it on the wall and using it as an art gallery?

Satellite pictures with music (evolving images)

Why not make use of that black screened TV by putting it on the wall and using it as an art gallery. The TV can be quite ugly and useless for most of the time with its boring black void, but most homes have them sitting there largely doing nothing.

This could make an ideal space for an art gallery where you could curate the images you like. By putting the TV on the wall you take the space traditionally used for paintings which also  allows you to “Take back Control” of that floor space.

Why not put some “ART” here that will automatically help create new images as it evolves from one temporal position to another. You could start to use the TV as an addition to wall mounted paintings where a randomised screen saver would evolve one painting to another making multiple images morph as it transitions.

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How this project evolved.

The idea behind this project is to make an evolving display that can be hung on the wall as a painting that will evolve into an art gallery. I wanted images that would be ambiguous enough to create an effect of calm without being so bland as to be uninteresting.

“Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular, it must be as ignorable as it is interesting." Brian Eno

I really like satellite images of the earth, they have so much ambiguity that when curated they can be placed side by side with 20th Century abstract art and transition well.

They can have fascinating detail and can be taken at the same time as a whole. Satellite images can reveal much about this planet from a purely scientific or knowledge based approach to the world or simply as abstract colour fields.

The process here is largely to curate the images rather than alter them so most of the images remain without photo editing beyond some cropping. The images were curated by my own method. There is no planned conscious narrative or value given to the images on the video and no conscious emotional judgement given to the images. They are what they are.

As a curator you decide what links one piece of information to another.

These images I hope show the diversity of the planet we inhabit and how the weather and seasons react to it as much as the effect we have made on it by our habitation.
It is interesting to me that human marks on the land and seas are geometric and rarely follows the way that nature reacts to the globe.

It is as though we try to conquer nature by stamping unnatural geometric patterns because we intuitively know we should be frightened by it. They have little permanence and are just as susceptible to entropy as the rest of the universe.

The soundscape attached to the video can be turned off if desired but was created to have the same effect as the images to enhance the environment without being to distracting. By choosing the correct volume it can be used to enhance the movement of the images but still blend with the natural sounds around you.

I did include a narrative with the sounds because I can and its my creation. (Whoa freedom) It was curated in a similar way to the images but used audible transitions for the images.

It was made entirely on my iPad without external instruments, trickery or samples. The iPad seems so suitable now as a means of capturing and manipulating sound that it has become my main recording device. (I should add all of the music software i used was freeware). The images were all found on the internet.

The results work for me as a creative structure have many adaptable possibilities that could be used by anyone with the inclination to do so. I would like to see a program that allowed the user to control the time and transition rate themselves which would add another layer of involvement.

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