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Original Acrylic Paint Pour on Canvas Art Watching paint dry (peacock)

Original Acrylic Paint Pour on Canvas Art Watching paint dry (universe)

Normandy Megalith Menhir des Planches

Normandy Megalith the standing stone of Colombiers sur Seulles 

Normandy Megalith Standing Stone at St Pierre Église

Normandy Megalith Colombiers sur Seulles Long Barrow

Normandy Megalith The Young Lady of Bracqueville

Normandy Megalith  The Allee Couverte de Vauville

Normandy Megalith Galerie Couverte de la Petite Roche

Normandy Megalith - Pierre au Rey

Normandy Megalith Pierre Butée

The Devil Stone Bere Regis Dorset Megalith

The Fairy Tree and the Devil of Rabey Wood

Abstract Painting Purple Brown Mica Aluminium and Sand 

Normandy Megalith The High Man of Hacouville

Normandy Megalith the long man St Pierre Eglise 

Normandy Megalith - Allée couverte de Bretteville

The Avenue Alignments a Decalcomania painting by Paintwalk

Markers The Saint Just Alignments 

A Walking Guide to the Saint Just Alignments 

Solstice - a Painting by Paintwalk 

The Picnic a painting by Paint walk 

Painting A Great Night Out

Have Fun a painting by Paintwalk 

The Kiss a painting by Paint walk

The Bird Doctors of the Plague

Chinese Painting principles applied to your visual media

Videcosville Church France by Paintwalk Église Saint-Martin"

Winter Gate in Normandy - Paint walk

Rock Pools - Water Colour from Paintwalk 

Monteneuf Standing Stones Water Colour Landscape Brittany

Hillfort sunset watercolour sketch from paintwalk

9 Barrow Down - Watercolour Sketch

The way the path is stopped by stones

It's All a Matter of Perspective

What do birds think about all day

We dont see things as they are we see things as we are

Menhir de Champ Dolent Round Scape

Roundscape of Mont St Michel

RoundScape of the Église Notre Dame de Gouberville

Most Landscapes are Man Made

The eye of the lake l'étang de Quéhon

Awakening the Ancestors digital sketches and video of Standing stone alignments in Brittany

Roundscape of des Pierres Droites Standing Stone Alignments Brittany

An Old man and his Beard (Round Scape)

A Sea of Round Scapes

Little Planets la Hougue Normandy

No Symmetry in Nature

Little Planet Earth and Little Planet Water

Hill forts around the Blackmore vale

Knowlton Church Landscape Painting

Montaigu la Brisette painting part 3 by paint walk

Church at Montaigu la Brisette painting 2

Painting Montaigu la Brisette Paint Walk

Apple Tree on a Hill in Summer - Light switch Landscape

Under the Apple Trees in Summer - a lght switch landscape

Acrylic Painting on Canvas Back Garden Horizon

So that's where Harry Potter Lives?

Sun Rise Sketch using an iPad Mini jot pro and fingers

Landscape photography using adonit jot pro pen to retouch

Little Planet Cherbourg

Light Switch Landscape - Acrylic on canvas original

Paint walk - painting made using iPad Mini and Sketchbook Pro

Night Bird Painting using an iPad Mini

Sea Scape using an iPad mini and and Adonit jot pro

Winter light painting using an iPad

First painting using an ipad mini

Gold Landscape Painting Normandy France from Teurtheville Bocage Late November

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