Techniques don't see things as they are we see things as we are.
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Painting Montaigu la Brisette Paint Walk.
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In the original photo I noticed the shapes before recognizing them as a village and became interested in what these shapes were. Using the photo I made a sketch on an iPad mini with an  Adonit jot pro pen. This sketch had to be made with a lot of guessing due to the nature of the original photo and it was produced like a jigsaw of guessed tones.
Little Planet Cherbourg.
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‘little planets’, are stunning images that are created out of panoramic photos. In Geometry the process is known as Stereographic projection. You can imagine it as a way of picturing a sphere as a plane. It has practical uses and in Complex analysis, Geology, and Cartography.
No Symmetry in Nature.
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Symmetry is often attached to the notion of nature but it doesn't seem to exist as perfect.  The word Symmetry is defined by two distinct meanings, the first being a vague sense of harmonious proportion and balance and the second, an exact mathematical "patterned self-similarity."
It's All a Matter of Perspective.
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Chinese Painting principles applied to your visual media.
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The Six Principles of Chinese Painting. In the 6th century CE, Chinese art historian and critic Xie He devised a set of rules for analysing and critiquing art. In order, they are: Spirit Resonance, Bone Structure/Method, Correspondence to the Object, Suitability to Type Regarding Colour, Division and Planning and Transmission by Copying.
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